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What do you actually get for your £150 to £200?

The sale price is normally a good indicator of the level of work that has gone into preparing the turbo. We have been in the turbocharger industry for over 30 years and have seen the benefits and costs of choosing the cheapest turbochargers on the market. Not all turbochargers are created equal, so we have put together this guide of what we see as the cheapest option to the most expensive:

Second-Hand Turbo

No work carried out on the turbo – taken straight off an engine.

Hot Run turbo

A ‘Hot Run’ Turbo is one that has been run on an engine while still in the factory. The engine has not been used in a vehicle on the road. These turbochargers can be a good option, but they are not as readily available as a new turbocharger.

 Cleaned turbo

The turbo is opened and taken apart to clean and then re-assembled without balancing etc. This can extend the life of a turbo unit, but it is not recommended if your turbocharger is not performing or has broken down 

Repaired turbo

The damaged parts are identified by taking apart and then changed or repaired. This can be a cheap way to get your car back on the road, but repaired turbos often don’t last because there is wear and tear on other parts of the unit that can affect performance.  

Copy turbo

This is a copy of a genuine turbos’ dimensions. The main area of concern is the quality of the materials used to make the copy parts. The composition of the parts has been known to be inferior which can result in them wearing quickly.

Rebuilt / Reconditioned / Remanufactured turbo

A reconditioned turbo has been expertly engineered to be as good as a brand new turbocharger. All three descriptions are commonly used to describe the same task of preparing a turbo however the work that goes into preparing this type of job can differ wildly and is generally reflected in the price charged. The quality of remanufactured turbos can vary greatly depending on the supplier. Here at Essex Turbos we are proud to engineer our units to higher tolerances than the original manufacturers.

New turbo

A turbo that is mass produced by the turbo manufacturer, assembled and set up in factory conditions using genuine OE parts and incorporating the latest technological equipment. We can supply new turbocharger units for customers in the UK. Simply get in touch with our team to find out more information.


Influencing factors include: the quality of the parts use to prepare the turbo, the assembly process, the assembly environment, the processes used to set the turbocharger up once assembled and the quality control process.

One other Factor to consider when buying a £200 Budget Turbo!

In the unfortunate event that the turbo fails prematurely, what kind of warranty does it come with? Could you really expect to get it replaced Free of Charge when it only cost £200?

It’s always going to be a worry when you decide to buy the cheaper budget option! Has the turbo been built well enough to do the job you need it too, as paying twice for the same job would be painful.

We do appreciate that everyone is trying to keep the cost of replacing their failed turbo to a minimum however getting a product that is fit for purpose is also really important.