Drivers Urged To Keep Xmas Shopping Out Of Sight

Drivers Urged To Keep Xmas Shopping Out Of Sight

Be careful with your Audi turbos and other cars this festive season – research has just revealed that 42 per cent of motorists will put their Christmas shopping at risk by leaving it in the car.

With the average person expected to spend £623 on Christmas this year (£387 on presents and the rest on food and drink), M&S Bank is now warning Brits that if their car is underinsured they could miss out and ruin the Christmas holidays for themselves.

Head of products with the organisation Paul Stokes said: “With shopping for the festive season well under way, it’s an exciting time of year for many. However, this also means that, unfortunately, the car can become a target for opportunistic thieves, so it’s important that shoppers make sure they’ve got adequate cover in place to insure their Christmas shopping, should the worst happen.”

Advice from the bank includes keeping bags covered and locked in the boot of the car, locking away mobiles and GPS devices, closing all windows and sunroofs, and always locking the car when you leave it.

You should get in touch with your insurer as well to see what you’re covered for as standard and what you’re not. It may be a bit more expensive changing your policy but it could be worth it in the long run if your car is broken into and all your Christmas presents stolen.

If possible, try not to leave gifts in your car at all. Once they’re purchased, head home rather than leaving them in the vehicle. Or shop online to avoid the problem entirely.