December 3, 2015 Car Insurance Could Be Invalid ‘If You Change Jobs’

If you’ve changed your job recently and have just sorted out your Ford turbos, you’ll need to make sure you let your insurer know as research has just revealed that 60 per cent of drivers are potentially on the road without valid cover in place because they’ve changed their job title or career without making it known.

It’s up to you to tell your insurance company if you do have a change in circumstances, as occupation is one of the factors that are taken into consideration when premiums are set. However, research from suggests that 41 per cent of drivers do not know it’s their responsibility to inform theIR insurer of job changes.

Be aware, however, that changing your policy can cost you, with motorists being charged an average of £22 to amend any details on their insurance.

“Consumers can avoid surprise administration fees by reading the small print before taking out a car insurance policy. If you’re likely to move house or change jobs you will need to change your policy details, so consider any admin charges as well as the final premium when taking out your policy,” insurance expert Rod Jones said.

If you want to save even more money on your car insurance, make sure you spend time haggling with your provider when it comes time to renew your policy. Don’t just accept the tariff they give you – you can shave off a few pounds if you take it upon yourself to query the quote you’re given.

December 1, 2015 Annual New Car Registrations ‘Surpass 2m’

Owners of Mercedes turbos may be interested to learn that new car registrations in the country reached levels not seen since 2004, according to recent research.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that 2,096,886 cars have been registered so far this year, up 7.1 per cent from 2014. The organisation’s data also showed September registrations were the highest on record.

Figures for last month continued an ongoing trend of growth, with the SMMT stating there has been 43 months of consecutive registration increases. Overall, 462,517 new car registrations were reported for September.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes claimed buyers were “busier than ever” last month. Furthermore, the statistics were impressive across all segments, including private, business and fleet customers.

“September is traditionally one of the year’s biggest months for new car registrations, and last month set an autumn record,” he explained.

The release of the latest 65-plate in September was a significant contributing factor for the results. A new plate has been released during the month every year since 2001.

Mr Hawes said dealers were offering a range of attractive options for the 65-plate, helping to further boost interest. The most popular car models last month were the Ford Fiesta, with 22,807 vehicles sold, and the Vauxhall Corsa, which 15,670 people bought.

Diesel and petrol cars experienced 4.1 and 12.3 per cent monthly growth respectively in September, while alternatively fuelled vehicle registrations jumped 21.7 per cent. Over the year to date, these three segments have climbed 3.1, 9.5 and 48.7 per cent respectively.

November 26, 2015 Weirdest Motorway Spills Revealed

If you’ve recently replaced your turbocharger, chances are you’re ready to get back on the road. However, after hearing about some of the strangest motorway spills in the UK, you may think twice about travelling Britain’s biggest roads!

Highways England has revealed the weird and wonderful items and substances that have held up traffic following an incident. The news comes just days after 24 tonnes of lard caused the M11 to be closed for 24 hours, although no one was hurt.

While hold-ups are often frustrating, some lager fans may have seen the funny side of an incident on the M6 in Coventry four years ago when thousands of beers ended up on the road. The clean-up operation took four hours, with workers having to pick each can up by hand.

In 2012, the Highways Agency enlisted the services of a mini-digger to scoop up thousands of tins of beans that had spilled onto the M11 southbound. Drivers were delayed for three hours while the beans were removed.

Motorists travelling on the A3 Stoke Interchange in Guildford on March 20 2009 were unfortunate enough to face the aftermath of a HGV crash. The lorry had been carrying a full container of raw human sewage, which required the help of the Environment Agency.

Other less savoury spills include a tanker that leaked animal blood across the A50 in Stoke on Trent and a powdered cement accident on the M6 in Lancashire. The latter incident caused the motorway to shut down for 18 hours.

November 22, 2015 AA App Helps Decipher Dashboard Warning Lights

When you get a new car, whether it’s fitted with a VW turbo or otherwise, it can be hard work trying to figure out just what all the little lights mean on the dashboard. But luckily help is at hand in the form of a new app from the AA, which helps motorists identify the different symbols so they know what to do.

The app also allows people to report and track a break down so they will be able to tell how long it will take for the AA patrol to arrive. Other features include traffic updates and route planners, as well as reminders for tax, MOT, insurance and service dates. Enhanced features include a parking space finder and a fuel price checker.

Research from the AA has found that over one in eight drivers don’t have a handbook in the car, yet the organisation attends 17,000 warning light-related calls each month.

“Although most warning light symbols are standardised, many are not and with some car dashboards resembling the Starship Enterprise, it’s no wonder that some drivers are left bewildered,” AA patrol of the year Max Holdstock said.

This comes after found that 1.2 million people have either had an accident or a near miss because of being distracted by what’s on their dashboard, or other in-car media. What’s more, just 44 per cent of motorists believe that driving aids make it easier to be on the road.

Those aged between 18 and 24 were the most likely to be distracted by gadgets on their dashboard, it was found.

October 23, 2015 EVs – The Car Of Choice For Teens?

Electric vehicles (or EVs) appear to be increasingly popular among today’s teenagers, with new research revealing that those aged between 14 and 17 believe that their first car will be an electric one, those considering Skoda turbos may be interested to hear.

Conducted by Go Ultra Low, the study found that 81 per cent of people aged 14 years old plan to make their first car investment an EV, with this demographic saying that their generation typically associates these motors with cleaner air and lower CO2 emissions, the Daily Express reports.

“It’s really encouraging to see how popular electric cars have become among British teenagers, the next generation of first-car buyers. Our research shows that younger consumers are more drawn towards environmentally friendly purchases, including when planning which car they’ll drive when they get their licence,” head of Go Ultra Low Poppy Welch was quoted as saying.

She went on to add that their way of thinking does in fact make sense, since EVs can drive for long distances and are cheaper to run, so they’re the right choice for anyone looking to buy their first car.

This week (October 13th), 12 places around the UK have just launched a bid for a share of government funding to the tune of £35 million to become one of the first official Go Ultra Low cities. Those awarded this status are expected to see thousands of new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) on the roads in the next five years.

Proposals include EV carpools, a car scrappage scheme to replace traditional vehicles with these ULEVs, shared bus lanes for vans and plug-in cars, and LED street lights that also serve as charge points.

October 19, 2015 Petrolhead Chooses Peugeot Car Service

Are you such a big fan of Peugeot turbos that you’d pick your car over the chance of a romantic tryst with a mystery woman? A new Irish dating show is putting contestants to the test with this very conundrum – with some controversial results!

The Irish-speaking programme, titled ‘Pioc do Ride’ or ‘Pick your Ride’ in English, asks singletons to select a suitor based on their car. Three potential dates, whose faces are obscured with a racing helmet, stand by their respective vehicles while the main contestant chooses their favourite.

However, there’s a twist – as one unlucky lady discovered when the show first aired. While the contestant makes the initial pick, it is then up to their selected date whether they want to spend €250 prize money on a romantic dinner or use it to splash out on upgrades for their car.

Singleton Corey Hannah went on the show to find love, and she picked Liam Antaine because of his sporty Peugeot 306 diesel, according to the Daily Mail. Unfortunately for Corey, when given the opportunity to take her out for the night, Liam instead opted for the voucher to upgrade his motor.

He revealed that the car was actually his mother’s, adding: “I don’t think mum would be too happy with me if I go home without the €250 voucher.”

While there wasn’t a happy ending for the pair, Corey took to Twitter to show there were no hard feelings.

“Well, that’s it. He chose the car … I’m still single,” she wrote.

A GoFundMe page for Corey has since been set up with the aim of collecting €250 in donations for the unlucky-in-love contestant.

October 13, 2015 Top Driving Tips For Winter

Now’s the time to prep your Seat turbos to ensure your car is winter ready. There’s nothing worse than breaking down in bad weather but with a bit of preparation, you’ll make it through to spring in one piece. Here are a few top tips to help you in this regard.


Make sure that your car is serviced regularly throughout the year so you know it’s in good condition. You should also check the oil level and tyres for tread depth, as well as making sure your hazard lights are working.

Stock up

Just in case you get stranded, always keep a torch, blanket, high-vis jacket, first aid kit, chocolate and other non-perishable food, a triangle sign and a spade in your boot. Keep warm clothes in your car as well.

Careful driving

Be aware that your stopping distances may be lengthened in bad weather. If the road is icy, avoid accelerating or braking sharply and keep a good distance from any cars in front. However, you should try and avoid making unnecessary journeys in your car during bad weather.

Car breakdown policy

If you haven’t got this already, make sure your breakdown cover is in place before the winter hits. This will mean if the worst does happen you can rest assured that someone will come to help. Benefits of this kind of cover include help reaching your destination and roadside repair and recovery.

You’ll make it through the winter on the road just fine if you take a few precautions. Which of these can you check off your list already?

September 24, 2015 21% ‘Wait Six Months Or More’

How long do you wait before you take your VW turbos to the garage to be checked over if you think there’s a problem? According to new research, 21 per cent of drivers wait half a year or more before they have any issues checked out, while 12 per cent will actually drive in a vehicle that’s been having problems for up to a year.

Conducted by, the survey also found that more than a quarter of people will miss their annual service, with the most commonly ignored problems emerging as illuminated engine management lights and worn wheel bearings, the Daily Express reports.

Although these are relatively inexpensive to have fixed, if drivers wait the delay could see the bill increase as more damage is incurred.

Director of Karen Rotberg was quoted as saying: “Drivers are not only putting their cars at risk of further damage, caused by existing problems worsening over time, which is likely to result in more significant bills, but in some cases they will be putting themselves, their loved ones and other road users in serious danger.”

By having your car serviced every year, you are more likely to catch any problems early on – which means they’ll be easier to fix. Furthermore, a car that is well maintained is much more efficient so you’ll find that you save cash on fuel into the bargain. When you buy a new car, make sure you read through the service manual as this will tell you how often the motor needs servicing and how often tasks like oil changes should be carried out.

September 21, 2015 RAC Reveals Driving Tips To Save Fuel

Drivers with car turbos who are looking to save money on their petrol will be glad RAC has released advice on how to drive their vehicles more efficiently.

Simon Williams, spokesman for RAC, said: “These tips can really make a difference and, applied with good technique, can help to make you a better and safer driver.”

One of their tips is to use the highest gear possible for the slowest speed. For instance, driving in fourth gear when at 30mph, instead of travelling in third gear. As soon as you go above 30mph, it is wise to move on to fifth gear.

It advised against using cruise control or travelling at a consistent speed as this does not achieve a high miles per gallon (mpg) figure. Drivers should avoid slowing down and accelerating again repeatedly as this uses more fuel.

Making the vehicle lighter is a good way to cut down on fuel consumption, either by taking items out of the boot or off the roof. RAC found an empty roof rack can impact fuel consumption by ten per cent.

To achieve fuel efficiency, it is wise to be efficient with your journeys, RAC suggested. Instead of making several short trips, it is better to combine your outings into one longer journey so the engine does not have to repeatedly warm itself up.

Other pieces of advice were to use a gentle right foot to avoid heavy acceleration, and be conservative with how much air conditioning you put on.

TV presenter Rebecca Jackson suggested listening to the engine so it does not rev excessively without “labouring too much either”.

These tips come despite a drop in fuel prices lately, with RAC’s Fuel Watch reporting that costs for petrol had declined by 3.96p a litre in August this year to 112.42p on average. This was sparked by new oil prices of $41.87 (£26.77) – the lowest level for 12 months.

September 15, 2015 Haggle For Your Car Insurance!

If your car insurance for your Volkswagen turbo is up for renewal, you might be well placed to try and haggle so you can sort yourself out a sweeter deal.

According to Consumer Intelligence, 54 per cent of motorists were able to arrange a price cut for themselves after questioning their renewal quote. Despite this, however, it was found that only 38 per cent of drivers actually call their insurers to query their quotes, so there are many on the roads who are missing out on potential savings of up to a tenth.

“Insurers are generally receptive to renewal premiums being queried and will offer reductions to try and keep customers and the savings can be substantial at more than ten per cent. The benefits of switching are not always obvious as generally customers prefer to stay loyal and indeed our research shows that it would make more sense for insurers to offer their best price straight away rather than haggling,” chief executive of Consumer Intelligence Ian Hughes said.

This comes after previous Consumer Intelligence research showed that thousands of people believe that their car insurance policies are hard to understand and lack transparency. Complaints relate to a failure to explain how the policy works and what people are actually covered for, with nearly a quarter of those asked saying they want to be able to manage their policies and make claims over the internet.

Demand was also apparent for insurers to offer call centres based in the UK, with one in ten motorists backing this idea.