Parents Warned Against Fronting On Car Insurance

Parents Warned Against Fronting On Car Insurance

Everyone wants to save money on their car insurance, especially if they’ve just had to shell out for a car turbocharger unexpectedly, but fronting is something that should be avoided at all costs, as you could find yourself left with a criminal record as a result.

Figures from, however, show that 17 per cent of parents have actually insured their child’s car in their name to help drive down the overall cost of the policy. Furthermore, 36 per cent of parents with children aged between 16 and 25 admitted that they would consider fronting in the future.

Whenever fronting is exposed, insurance companies retain the right to cancel the policy, which can make it harder and even more expensive for people to take out insurance in the future. What’s more, insurers can refuse to pay for claims as well.

“When applying for car insurance you are obliged to tell the insurer of anything that could influence their decision in offering cover – the age and experience of a driver are both crucial factors.  Not telling the truth about who is the principal driver is technically fraud which may result in a policy being cancelled and any claims refused,” car insurance spokesman with Matt Oliver said.

If you want to save your child money on their car insurance, consider putting yourself down as a named driver as this can really help bring the costs down. Shopping around for the best deal is also advisable – but be aware that the cheapest cover isn’t necessarily the best and you should always take out a fully comprehensive policy.