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Vauxhaul Turbocharger

We are one of the UK’s leading Vauxhall turbocharger suppliers. With over 30 years in the turbo industry we can help customers find turbos for any Vauxhall car or commercial vehicle. Our inventory includes a wide range of turbochargers so we are well placed to help customers find the right turbo for their vauxhall. 


We stock a range of new and reconditioned turbochargers for Vauxhall cars and commercial vehicles. Our customers include car owners, as well as garages, dealers and motor factors, so we understand how important it is to deliver quality turbos. Here at Essex Turbo, we are committed to providing quality turbos at competitive prices. 

Our technicians have a wealth of knowledge and experience in the turbocharger industry. Each of our reconditioned turbochargers is meticulously manufactured and rigorously tested in our state-of-the-art precision engineering facility in Essex. This ensures that every unit meets the highest industry standards before it reaches you. Turbos come with a free 1-year unlimited mileage warranty as standard to give you peace of mind.

We aim to be the fastest, most reliable, premier quality turbo supplier in the industry for anyone looking for Vauxhall turbocharger.


We make it as simple as possible to order a new or reconditioned Vauxhall turbocharger from Essex Turbos. It’s easy to find your turbo using our online search tool. However, if you are unsure about which turbo is the correct unit for your vehicle then our sales team are here to help. They can provide excellent technical support and are here to make sure that you are ordering the specific turbo that fits your engine.

Our postal service means we can deliver turbochargers anywhere in mainland UK. If we have your turbocharger in stock then it can be sent out to you in as little as 24 hours. For customers who are exchanging their old turbocharger, the process of sending your unit to us is as simple as placing the exchange turbo in the box we sent your new one out in. 

Excellent Technical Support team are on hand for both pre and post sales: we’re here to help you.

Delivery within 24 hours from purchase to the majority of Mainland UK locations
(If in stock)

Our replacement turbos come with
either a 1 or 2 year unlimited
mileage warranty


We understand the urgency of getting your vehicle back on the road. Essex Turbo has the right turbocharger for you, from the latest models to older, classic Vauxhalls, our range covers them all. We can provide turbochargers for popular models, as well as for less common models. 

We are here to offer technical support and are always ready to assist with any queries. Our aim is to ensure that your experience with us is as smooth and satisfactory as possible, so get in touch today.


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Below are some of the questions that we get asked by customers who are looking for a new turbocharger for Vauxhall vehicles.

How do I know which Vauxhall turbocharger is right for my vehicle?

Choosing the right turbocharger for your Vauxhall depends on your vehicle’s model and engine specifications. You can refer to your vehicle’s manual for specific details, or use our easy-to-navigate online catalogue. If you’re still unsure, our knowledgeable sales team is available to help you select the perfect turbocharger for your Vauxhall.

Can Essex Turbo provide turbochargers for older or less common Vauxhall models?

We stock a wide range of turbochargers suitable for a variety of Vauxhall models, including older and less common ones. Our extensive inventory ensures that we can cater to nearly every Vauxhall model on the road.


What is the difference between new and reconditioned turbochargers?

New turbochargers are brand new and have never been used, offering optimal performance and reliability. Reconditioned turbochargers are professionally refurbished units that have been restored to meet original manufacturing standards. They offer a cost-effective alternative while maintaining high quality and performance.


How long does it take to receive a turbocharger after ordering?

Our goal is to dispatch your turbocharger as quickly as possible. Delivery times may vary depending on your location in the UK and the specific model of the turbocharger. We offer a fast and convenient postal service to ensure you receive your order promptly.



Does Essex Turbo offer any warranty on Vauxhall turbochargers?

Yes, we offer a warranty on all our turbochargers, both new and reconditioned. The specific details of the warranty will depend on the type of turbocharger you purchase. Our sales team can provide you with all the necessary warranty information for your chosen product.