Information Re turbochargers to help you?

Information Re turbochargers to help you?

If you are trying to find a replacement turbo and need a price and availability on a: new or reconditioned turbo why not give us a call on the 01376 50 33 50.

With constant pressure on your finances to keep the price down we think you’ll like our prices. Our recent investment in new remanufacturing techniques along with a production facility has enabled us to cut the price of some of our most popular turbos.

For example the majority of turbos we supply on a daily basis fall within the price range £225 to £499 +VAT as the list below indicates:

Prices from: Turbo fitted to: Electronic Actuator
£225+VAT 1.9l D Engine – Nissan, Renault, Volvo No
£325+VAT 2.0l D Engine – Audi, Seat, Skoda & VW TDI No
£345+VAT 2.0l D Engine – Ford Mondeo TDCI Yes
£375+VAT 2.2l D Engine – Ford, Mercedes, VW Yes
£395+VAT 2.0l D Engine – BMW, Mercedes Yes
£499+VAT 3.0l D Engine – BMW, Mercedes, Range Rover Yes

Note: The prices shown above are indicative only and will vary depending on the actual turbo part number and age of the vehicle they are fitted to.

We hold a large stock of turbos for passenger vehicles. In fact there are very few turbos we can’t supply and if we don’t have your particular turbo in stock we offer a really simple rebuild service.

We can also fully rebuild the latest range of electronic turbos at a fraction of the cost of a new one. Our workshops are equipped with the very latest test equipment enabling us to reset the electronic actuator on the turbo, giving you complete peace of mind.

All our turbos are sold on an exchange basis and come with:

• 2 year warranty on the build of the turbo with no mileage limit applied to the vehicle.
• Free next working day delivery to the majority of locations in Mainland UK.

We are open Monday to Friday between 8am and 5pm to take your call or you can visit our website on

We look forward to hearing from you.