AA Warns Drivers Of Fog Dangers

AA Warns Drivers Of Fog Dangers

Are you preparing your new Mercedes turbo for the winter? According to the AA, it’s important that you consider how fog may affect your driving during the colder months.

The motoring organisation warned drivers to refresh their memory regarding the Highway Code to ensure they remain safe when fog strikes. For example, you are required to use headlights when visibility sinks, especially when you can’t see further than 100 metres ahead.

Fog lights are also recommended even though they are not a legal requirement. The AA said insurers may query your claim if you failed to have your fog lights illuminated and you get involved in an accident.

Recent statistics show Essex drivers can be particularly stung by the cost of car repairs. Figures from WhoCanFixMyCar.com showed East Anglia and the South East are the most expensive regions to visit a mechanic, with costs averaging £241 and £238 respectively.

“When there’s fog around visibility can seriously deteriorate in a matter of seconds. Be extra vigilant and drive only as fast as conditions allow,” the AA states.

Drivers were also encouraged to maintain a safe distance from vehicles in front to avoid collisions and to use dipped headlights at all times. People who switch on their fog lights must also remember to turn them off when visibility returns, as they can dazzle other motorists.

The AA-Popular Motoring Panel revealed nearly ten per cent of drivers rely entirely on automatic lights, but the organisation said this is not advisable on a foggy day.