Annual New Car Registrations ‘Surpass 2m’

Annual New Car Registrations ‘Surpass 2m’

Owners of Mercedes turbos may be interested to learn that new car registrations in the country reached levels not seen since 2004, according to recent research.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) revealed that 2,096,886 cars have been registered so far this year, up 7.1 per cent from 2014. The organisation’s data also showed September registrations were the highest on record.

Figures for last month continued an ongoing trend of growth, with the SMMT stating there has been 43 months of consecutive registration increases. Overall, 462,517 new car registrations were reported for September.

SMMT chief executive Mike Hawes claimed buyers were “busier than ever” last month. Furthermore, the statistics were impressive across all segments, including private, business and fleet customers.

“September is traditionally one of the year’s biggest months for new car registrations, and last month set an autumn record,” he explained.

The release of the latest 65-plate in September was a significant contributing factor for the results. A new plate has been released during the month every year since 2001.

Mr Hawes said dealers were offering a range of attractive options for the 65-plate, helping to further boost interest. The most popular car models last month were the Ford Fiesta, with 22,807 vehicles sold, and the Vauxhall Corsa, which 15,670 people bought.

Diesel and petrol cars experienced 4.1 and 12.3 per cent monthly growth respectively in September, while alternatively fuelled vehicle registrations jumped 21.7 per cent. Over the year to date, these three segments have climbed 3.1, 9.5 and 48.7 per cent respectively.