Audi, BMW & Mercedes ‘Most Desirable Cars’

Audi, BMW & Mercedes ‘Most Desirable Cars’

The top ten car brands that people want to own have been revealed, with Audi coming up trumps, followed by BMW and Mercedes – so if you’re looking for a new turbo and already drive one of these three vehicles then you’re definitely ahead of the curve.

Compiled by, the study found that 39 per cent of people want to own an Audi, while 26 per cent would like a BMW and 25 per cent could see themselves behind the wheel of a Mercedes Benz.

Jaguar, Volkswagen, Ford, Range Rover, Porsche, Lexus and Toyota made up the rest of the list.

However, while cars from German manufacturers emerged as the most desirable, it was also found that people at the wheel of a BMW, Mercedes or Audi were also widely considered to be the worst drivers around… so bear this in mind the next time you take to the road!

Matt Oliver, car insurance spokesman for, said: “If any aspiring Audi, BMW or Mercedes owners who took part in our survey do get to own these cars, they will remember their driving etiquette and help overturn these brands’ unfortunate reputation.”

You may well think that you’re a good driver and are courteous to others on the road, but if you passed your test a long time ago there may be a few rules that you’ve simply forgotten. The best idea would be to refresh yourself with the Highway Code from time to time, which you can find on the official government website.