More Than Half Of New Cars Sold With Safety Tech In UK

More Than Half Of New Cars Sold With Safety Tech In UK

Now, we know you’ll be making sure your next car is fitted with a new turbo, but what’s your view on in-car technology? We’re not talking about popcorn makers that plug into your cigarette lighter – rather the mod-cons that keep our journeys as safe and comfortable as possible.

Whatever your view, it has become a staple of what many people now look for in a new car, and according to recent reports by the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), 58 per cent of new cars bought in 2015 were fitted with safety technology – up from just six per cent in 2010.

Some of this tech includes automatic emergency braking, adaptive cruise control that keeps a safe distance from the car in front and smart warning systems that tell you if an incident is imminent. According to the Telegraph, these devices could prevent 25,000 serious accidents and 2,500 fatalities a year by the year 2030.

For many at the SMMT, including chief executive Mike Hawes, these technologies are the stepping-stone to the driverless cars of the future. He said: “Fully driverless cars are still a long way off from everyday use, but this data shows advanced autonomous technology is already making its way into the majority of new cars.

The SMMT report predicts that drivers in the UK could save as much money as £41 billion a year in the next ten years, as new autonomous technology will mean drivers can multi-task and save money on insurance as claims will be less frequent.