Parents Buy Quarter Of Drivers Their First Car

Parents Buy Quarter Of Drivers Their First Car

Nearly one-quarter of all learner drivers will be able to take to the road once they pass their test, thanks to generous parents buying them vehicles – potentially including ones with new turbos fitted in.

A study by found 24 per cent of drivers did not pay for their first motor as their parents funded it, while 15 per cent had their insurance paid for as well, the Western Daily Press reported.

The price comparison site revealed the cost to protect new drivers is £112 a month on average, while first cars typically set parents back £2,907.

Kate Rose, spokeswoman for, said: “Learning to drive is seen as a rite of passage for many but it isn’t always a straight road.”

Indeed, the site found the cost of learning how to drive is £774 on average, which includes a provisional driving licence, 22 driving lessons, two theory tests and two practical tests.

However, parents might have some help when it comes to purchasing a car for their children, as the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA) revealed more people are opting for car financing to pay for their motors, with 80.1 per cent of new car sales financed by FLA members through dealerships in the year to October. This is an increase from 79.6 per cent during the previous 12 months.

In addition to financial considerations, drivers have to face lessons either with their instructor or a relative, which can be stressful.

According to, almost half of those learning how to drive took lessons with a parent or family member, with 15 per cent describing being taught by their folks as scary and more than two-thirds saying it was ‘too stressful’.