How To Make Fuel Savings

How To Make Fuel Savings

If you have had to purchase a reconditioned turbo recently you will want to be finding savings elsewhere.

There are a number of ways you can improve your fuel efficiency by the way in which you drive, you may already know a few of these tips but it is a great idea to revisit these and see if you can improve your driving in any way.

Before you set off driving you need to make sure that your vehicle is as fuel efficient as possible by removing the roof and bike racks if they are not going to be used to help reduce drag.

There are also improvements that can be made with having a more aerodynamic car, though obviously that is a consideration for when you are purchasing a car.

When driving, make sure you don’t over rev. This uses up fuel as it floods the engine. There are a number of misconceptions about this. You may have been told when learning to drive to let your revs go up to 3000 rev pm before changing over your gears but it is actually best to change over at 2500 rev pm to save fuel. Listen to the engine however, they all have their own idea point.

You should also make sure you don’t drive in too high a gear.

Accelerating and decelerating incorrectly can also cause too much fuel to be used. You should avoid stamping on the brakes and accelerating fast, and instead try to drive as a constant speed. You can read more about how to save fuel on The Guardian website.