1 In 5 Second-Hand Car Drivers ‘Experience Problems In Just 1 Year’

1 In 5 Second-Hand Car Drivers ‘Experience Problems In Just 1 Year’

Be careful when buying a second-hand car and make sure that you do all the proper checks on the vehicle before you hand over any money, as new research has revealed that one in five drivers who have bought a second-hand vehicle – that’s six million people – have suffered problems with the car within 12 months of purchase.

According to Ocean Finance figures, the equivalent of ten million Brits actually did no checks on the vehicle at all before buying a pre-owned car, so it should perhaps come as no surprise that so many are having trouble with their motors.

The biggest worries for those looking into buying second-hand cars were that there might be an undetected mechanical fault, paying more than the vehicle is worth, that it might have been in an accident, that it might have been stolen, that the mileage may have been changed and that there could still be outstanding finance against the motor.

March often sees a rise in both new and used car purchases, so make sure you’re careful if you are about to buy. You would also be wise to check for flood damage given the terrible weather that battered the UK over the Christmas period. Look out for damp, serious condensation, white deposits on the cap of the oil filter, or water trapped in the car light clusters.

And if you find that you need to have a reconditioned turbo fitted to your second-hand car, get in touch with us here at Essex Turbos to see how we can help.