Speed Limit Knowledge ‘Questionable’

Speed Limit Knowledge ‘Questionable’

Once you’ve got your reconditioned turbo fitted on your BMW or Mercedes, make sure you familiarise yourself with the different speed limits that are in place on UK roads. According to new research, 38 per cent of people do not know what the national limit is on single carriageway roads.

Figures from The Co-operative Insurance show that 25 per cent of people believe this to be 50mph, while ten per cent think it’s 70mph or higher. In fact, it’s 60mph. On a dual carriageway, the speed limit is 70mph, but only 36 per cent of those questioned in the survey were able to give the correct answer.

Steve Kerrigan, head of telematics with The Co-operative Insurance, said: “The impact of not being aware of speed limits on the roads can’t be underestimated; speeds are set for a reason and driving without knowing speed can have harmful consequences to other road users and pedestrians, especially if you are travelling too fast.”

You should note as well that the speed limit can differ depending on what kind of vehicle you’re driving. On single carriageways, for example, if you’re in a car, van or dual-purpose vehicle and are towing a trailer or caravan the speed limit is 50mph.

Remember as well that local authorities can set their own speed limits for certain areas, such as a 20mph zone near schools or a 50mph limit on roads that have lots of sharp bends. These should be clearly signed, so make sure you keep an eye out for any speed limit changes while on the road.