32% Of Non-Drivers ‘Plan To Learn This Year’

32% Of Non-Drivers ‘Plan To Learn This Year’

Demand for reconditioned turbos could be on the rise this year, given new research revealing that 32 per cent of people who can’t drive plan to learn in 2016.

A Direct Line Car Insurance study shows that the main reason that people not yet behind the wheel are keen to get on the road is that they’ve reached a certain age and realise they need to drive. Other reasons include only now being able to afford lessons and suddenly needing to drive to work, as well as having children, public transport being unreliable or too expensive, and being embarrassed about not having a licence.

Head of marketing with Direct Line Wendy Pearson welcomed the news that more people are keen to learn to drive, saying: “New Year resolutions are so often to do with diet and exercise and it’s impressive to see people trying to learn something new. Driving also opens up an array of new employment and leisure opportunities.”

If you’ve just passed your test and have had a new turbo added to your car, you’ll need to make sure you look after your vehicle as well as you can. Ensure you use high quality oil to help lubricate the moving parts of your turbo, warm your car up first before you drive off so the oil has time to warm up as well and always leave the engine running for a few minutes after you reach your destination to allow the oil to cool down.

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