November Sees Lowest Average Pump Prices In 6 Years

November Sees Lowest Average Pump Prices In 6 Years

Good news for drivers in their Skoda turbos – November saw the lowest average pump prices for diesel in six years, while filling up on a tank of petrol is now almost £8 cheaper than 12 months ago.

According to RAC Fuel Watch data for the month, the average price of petrol dropped for the fifth month in a row to settle at 106.98p, hitting a nine-month low on November 11th at 106.92p. Diesel, meanwhile, reached its lowest average price since December 2009, falling to 109.48p on November 30th.

Simon Williams, spokesman for RAC Fuel Watch, observed that drivers of both petrol and diesel cars are now benefitting from cheaper fill-ups in the lead-up to Christmas than compared with last year.

“The lower forecourt prices we’re enjoying at the moment are a product of the fall in world crude oil prices, which began in September 2014. After a six-year low of $45 a barrel in early February and two instances of going back up to the $60 level twice briefly since, the price has been consistently below $50 since mid-October, reaching a new six-year low in mid-November,” he said.

If you’re looking for other ways to save fuel, consider driving in the highest gear possible for the slowest speed, don’t use cruise control and try not to slow down and accelerate repeatedly as you’ll end up using more fuel… and therefore spending more money.

Those of you travelling over Christmas should try and make the car as light as possible, as this will have an impact on fuel consumption.