EVs – The Car Of Choice For Teens?

EVs – The Car Of Choice For Teens?

Electric vehicles (or EVs) appear to be increasingly popular among today’s teenagers, with new research revealing that those aged between 14 and 17 believe that their first car will be an electric one, those considering Skoda turbos may be interested to hear.

Conducted by Go Ultra Low, the study found that 81 per cent of people aged 14 years old plan to make their first car investment an EV, with this demographic saying that their generation typically associates these motors with cleaner air and lower CO2 emissions, the Daily Express reports.

“It’s really encouraging to see how popular electric cars have become among British teenagers, the next generation of first-car buyers. Our research shows that younger consumers are more drawn towards environmentally friendly purchases, including when planning which car they’ll drive when they get their licence,” head of Go Ultra Low Poppy Welch was quoted as saying.

She went on to add that their way of thinking does in fact make sense, since EVs can drive for long distances and are cheaper to run, so they’re the right choice for anyone looking to buy their first car.

This week (October 13th), 12 places around the UK have just launched a bid for a share of government funding to the tune of £35 million to become one of the first official Go Ultra Low cities. Those awarded this status are expected to see thousands of new ultra low emission vehicles (ULEVs) on the roads in the next five years.

Proposals include EV carpools, a car scrappage scheme to replace traditional vehicles with these ULEVs, shared bus lanes for vans and plug-in cars, and LED street lights that also serve as charge points.