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September 21, 2015 RAC Reveals Driving Tips To Save Fuel

Drivers with car turbos who are looking to save money on their petrol will be glad RAC has released advice on how to drive their vehicles more efficiently.

Simon Williams, spokesman for RAC, said: “These tips can really make a difference and, applied with good technique, can help to make you a better and safer driver.”

One of their tips is to use the highest gear possible for the slowest speed. For instance, driving in fourth gear when at 30mph, instead of travelling in third gear. As soon as you go above 30mph, it is wise to move on to fifth gear.

It advised against using cruise control or travelling at a consistent speed as this does not achieve a high miles per gallon (mpg) figure. Drivers should avoid slowing down and accelerating again repeatedly as this uses more fuel.

Making the vehicle lighter is a good way to cut down on fuel consumption, either by taking items out of the boot or off the roof. RAC found an empty roof rack can impact fuel consumption by ten per cent.

To achieve fuel efficiency, it is wise to be efficient with your journeys, RAC suggested. Instead of making several short trips, it is better to combine your outings into one longer journey so the engine does not have to repeatedly warm itself up.

Other pieces of advice were to use a gentle right foot to avoid heavy acceleration, and be conservative with how much air conditioning you put on.

TV presenter Rebecca Jackson suggested listening to the engine so it does not rev excessively without “labouring too much either”.

These tips come despite a drop in fuel prices lately, with RAC’s Fuel Watch reporting that costs for petrol had declined by 3.96p a litre in August this year to 112.42p on average. This was sparked by new oil prices of $41.87 (£26.77) – the lowest level for 12 months.