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September 15, 2015 What’s On Your Number Plate?

Rude number plates are becoming increasingly common on UK roads, new research has revealed, thanks to the use of slang words like ‘FML’, R0FL’, M1LF’ and ‘WTF’… so keep your eyes peeled for these the next time you take your Ford turbo for a spin.

According to Confused.com, 34 per cent of people would be deterred from buying a car if the plate was offensive and the DVLA actually recently detailed combinations of letters and digits that would be prohibited to help keep the roads clean, including references to alcohol, religion or anything of a sexual nature.

With regards to the naughtier plates out there, opinion appears to be divided. In all, 36 per cent think that rude plates should be banned, while 25 per cent say they make them laugh. And eight per cent think that there should actually be more rude plates on cars to help cheer drivers up.

“Anyone buying a number plate should consider the purchase carefully; whilst they might think it will add value to the car when it comes to selling it, it’s not surprising to see people can be put off buying a car with a private plate,” spokeswoman Kate Rose said.

You can buy new registration numbers from the DVLA or you can also bid on them at auction, with sales taking place around six times a year. Reserve prices start at £130, which may be the way to get your hands on the plate of your dreams.

Alternatively, you can arrange a private sale between a motorist or a dealer – but make sure you get the V778 certificate or retention or the V759 certificate of entitlement as well.