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October 19, 2015 Petrolhead Chooses Peugeot Car Service

Are you such a big fan of Peugeot turbos that you’d pick your car over the chance of a romantic tryst with a mystery woman? A new Irish dating show is putting contestants to the test with this very conundrum – with some controversial results!

The Irish-speaking programme, titled ‘Pioc do Ride’ or ‘Pick your Ride’ in English, asks singletons to select a suitor based on their car. Three potential dates, whose faces are obscured with a racing helmet, stand by their respective vehicles while the main contestant chooses their favourite.

However, there’s a twist – as one unlucky lady discovered when the show first aired. While the contestant makes the initial pick, it is then up to their selected date whether they want to spend €250 prize money on a romantic dinner or use it to splash out on upgrades for their car.

Singleton Corey Hannah went on the show to find love, and she picked Liam Antaine because of his sporty Peugeot 306 diesel, according to the Daily Mail. Unfortunately for Corey, when given the opportunity to take her out for the night, Liam instead opted for the voucher to upgrade his motor.

He revealed that the car was actually his mother’s, adding: “I don’t think mum would be too happy with me if I go home without the €250 voucher.”

While there wasn’t a happy ending for the pair, Corey took to Twitter to show there were no hard feelings.

“Well, that’s it. He chose the car … I’m still single,” she wrote.

A GoFundMe page for Corey has since been set up with the aim of collecting €250 in donations for the unlucky-in-love contestant.