Car Parking Revealed As Biggest Cause Of Bumps & Scrapes

Car Parking Revealed As Biggest Cause Of Bumps & Scrapes

Taking care when parking your Volkswagen turbos would perhaps be advisable given new research revealing that car parking leads to more car insurance claims than any other source. In fact, 47 per cent of motorists have had damage inflicted on their parked cars in the last year!

Conducted by the AA, the study found that 42 per cent of drivers have had a dent or a scratch caused by someone or something else, with insurance claims having to deal with small parking spaces, careless parking and door opening, and shopping trolleys hitting cars.

Advice from the AA to help protect your car when it’s parked includes choosing well-lit car parks, using indicators whenever you’re turning, going slowly and opening your car doors carefully when you’ve finished parking.

Director of AA Insurance Mike Lloyd said: “Patience is sorely tested in busy car parks at the best of times but in the run-up to Christmas when parking spaces are even more scarce, tempers can be frayed and parking mishaps are more likely than at any other time of year.”

If you want to help prevent people from breaking into your car at this time of year, make sure that you keep your Christmas shopping covered up or in the boot of your car and hide any expensive gadgets like satnavs or mobile phone in the glove box of the vehicle – or take them with you when you leave.

A few extra precautions for drivers could do an awful lot to help protect their cars and ensure they don’t have a hefty garage bill going into the new year.