21% ‘Wait Six Months Or More’

21% ‘Wait Six Months Or More’

How long do you wait before you take your VW turbos to the garage to be checked over if you think there’s a problem? According to new research, 21 per cent of drivers wait half a year or more before they have any issues checked out, while 12 per cent will actually drive in a vehicle that’s been having problems for up to a year.

Conducted by BookMyGarage.com, the survey also found that more than a quarter of people will miss their annual service, with the most commonly ignored problems emerging as illuminated engine management lights and worn wheel bearings, the Daily Express reports.

Although these are relatively inexpensive to have fixed, if drivers wait the delay could see the bill increase as more damage is incurred.

Director of BookMyGarage.com Karen Rotberg was quoted as saying: “Drivers are not only putting their cars at risk of further damage, caused by existing problems worsening over time, which is likely to result in more significant bills, but in some cases they will be putting themselves, their loved ones and other road users in serious danger.”

By having your car serviced every year, you are more likely to catch any problems early on – which means they’ll be easier to fix. Furthermore, a car that is well maintained is much more efficient so you’ll find that you save cash on fuel into the bargain. When you buy a new car, make sure you read through the service manual as this will tell you how often the motor needs servicing and how often tasks like oil changes should be carried out.